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Update in Ly v. County of Fresno: California Supreme Court denies review and decertifies the Court of Appeal's opinion

The California Supreme Court has denied review and ordered the appellate opinion in Ly v. County of Fresno, previously certified for publication at 16 Cal. App. 5th 134 (2017), decertified and not to be published. (Docket link here.)

Ly was an opinion out of the Fifth District holding that res judicata applied to bar a FEHA action due to allegations in the plaintiffs' worker's-compensation action. For my original post on the Ly opinion, click here.

Sayta v. Chu: yet another reminder to lawyers that retention of jurisdiction under section 664.6 of the Code of Civil Procedure must be sought from the trial court before dismissal

Ninth Circuit holds that the Fair Labor Standards Act only requires the average hourly wage over a workweek to meet the minimum wage, even if some hours are paid at less than the minimum wage.